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My Style

I work with each client to create an experience that is unique and appropriate for their needs.  I have experience in multiple modalities of practice and borrow elements of each to provide a session that is both relaxing and beneficial to my clients health.  I take the time to listen to your concerns and create a plan of care based on your personal needs.  My goal is to always provide a session that leaves you feeling relaxed, but also that real work has been done to bring lasting relief.


What you can expect

It is important to me that you feel safe and heard throughout your session.  My listening begins at intake and continues throughout the session.  I take the perspective that I am a facilitator of your session and for it to be effective I need your input and communication.   Additionally, as a result of Covid-19 I am taking additional precautions to keep both my clients and myself safe.  I am taking fewer clients per day and leaving extra time between clients to allow for proper sanitizing of the space.  Please contact me with any specific questions you may have regarding my current procedures.

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